How do I qualify as a trainer/teacher, to deliver accredited training courses? The qualifications required to teach accredited awards and become an accredited teacher/trainer have changed over the last couple of years.  You can no longer teach accredited awards without a formal teaching award, as you would not be accepted by any of the UHow do I qualify as a trainer/teacherK awarding bodies.

Teaching Qualification

First and foremost if you want to be a trainer you will need to have an entry-level teaching qualification. The PDLSG – Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups Award or the ETA – Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification gives the teaching award accepted by all awarding bodies. This course is nationally accredited and by its conclusion will allow the successful candidate to teach any subject they have experience in.

PDLSG – Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups – Teaching Qualification

The PDLSG Teaching Award is an entry-level training qualification, which is a slightly shorter award than the Level 3 Education and Training Award.  The PDLSG Teaching award includes the following outcomes:
  • Explain the delivers role in ensuring learners needs are met
  • Prepare learner objectives, session plans and learning support materials to meet learner requirements
  • Deliver planned interactive learning sessions and assess the progress and achievement of learners
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning sessions delivered and your own practice
This award is also delivered combined with a range of train the trainer courses in first aid, manual handling, fire safety, and health and safety, etc.

Education and Training Award

The Education and Training Award is usually a 4 or 5-day course.  The Education and Training Award has the following units:
  • Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
  • Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training
  • Understanding assessment in education and training
This Education and Training Award is delivered over 4 days at public venues across the UK.  You can also complete the award by open learning with end assessments on teaching.


There are specific TAQA Assessor Awards, but the PDLSG or Education and Training Award are also accepted by some awarding bodies to assess the shorter awards such as First aid, Fire Safety, Manual Handling, or Health and Safety, etc.

Teaching and Assessing Accredited Awards

Once you have your entry-level teaching award you will then need to apply to one of the awarding bodies to be approved as a trainer first aid and approved centre, so that you can gain accredited certification for the persons you then teach and assess.  So the awarding bodies will ask for the following:
  1. Teaching Qualification
  2. Assessing Award if 1. is not accepted
  3. Insurance
  4. Policies and Procedures
  5. Equipment
  6. IQA – Internal Quality Assurer
You can see the full list of requirements of approval from an awarding body is listed here.


From the Level 3 Education and Training Award, there is then the Level 4 Education and Training Certificate and lastly the Level 5 Education and Training Diploma.
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